How to Make Beaded Bells?


To make beaded bells, you will require cardboard egg cartons, scissors, a needle, silver paint, a paintbrush and some ribbon. Cut the egg carton for each bell and string a bead on a string then pass it through the egg carton cup to make the bells. Ensure the bead swings freely inside the egg cup, do this to create a number of bells then tie them together and put a ribbon bow around the long string to complete.
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1. Cut a 6-inch length of the 20-gauge wire with your wire cutters. This piece of wire will be used to make the outside frame for your bell ornament. Create a small loop in the center
To craft polymer clay jewelry, you'll want to start out by learning how to make polymer clay beads to string onto necklaces, pins or bracelets. Beads can take many shapes and sizes
1. Cut a 1-foot piece of wire and place the wooden dowel at the center. Wrap the wire twice around the wooden dowel, leaving long tails of wire on either side of the dowel. 2. Fold
1. Select a type of string according to the project. For instance, hemp rope is heavy and durable enough for making beaded curtains. Pick out a light weight yarn for beaded string
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