How to Make Bokashi?


To make Bokashi, mix EM-1 (Efficient Microbes), molasses and water. Pour and stir the mixture over bran then put the mixture into an airtight container so that it can ferment for two weeks. Bokashi is best used when it is fresh so if it must be stored and allowed to dry so that any further fermentation can stop.
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1. Choose a location in your kitchen that is out of the way, but convenient for you to dispose of kitchen waste. 2. Place your kitchen waste in the bottom of the bucket. Use only
I've been trying my hand at. Bokashi. which is a method of dealing with your food scraps that is based on fermentation rather than decomposition. Basically, you let food scraps ferment
Bokashi, which is Japanese for "shading off" or "gradation" is well known form of Japanese woodblock print making. It is done by applying a single color to a moistened
Bokashi is a system of fermenting your kitchen garbage with brewers yeast mold. Put all your household kitchen waste into a plastic garbage can and sprinkle with Brewers Yeast Mold.
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