How to Make Bourbon?


Ground corn is mixed with pure limestone water and cooked at high temperatures, lower the temperature and add ground rye and barley malt. Yeast is added to the mash to begin fermentation. Put the liquid in a wooden container and let it sit for as long as you can to increase flavor.
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How to Make Bourbon
Sipping a little smooth bourbon is a nice ending to a day of hard work. Knowing a little about this Kentucky whiskey making process will add to your enjoyment of the alcoholic malt beverage. Of course, the average citizen cannot make Bourbon in their own... More »
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Bourbon is a type of whiskey. It is predominately made in the Southern U.S. and must be aged at least 2 years. This type of alcohol is made from the grain of corn and wheat, barley,
Bourbon was created in the early 19th century after European settlers, particularly those from Scotland, began to settle the land that is present day Kentucky. These people brought
An_American_Drink. " An American Drink.
Bulleitt is aged Kentucky straight Bourbon Whiskey, with a somewhat high percentage of rye in the mash.
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To make bourbon chicken, cover chicken in a mixture of ginger, soy sauce, dried minced onion, brown sugar, bourbon and garlic powder. Back at 325 for 1 1/2 hours ...
Basic ingredients such as onion, garlic, whiskey, brown sugar and ketchup are needed to make a bourbon sauce. A large skillet should be used over medium heat for ...
Bourbon is a type of American whiskey that is made from corn. It has been in production since the mid 1800's. It was common in the American south, Kentucky to ...
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