How to Make Box Pleats?


To make box pleats you will need drapery fabric, pleating tape which should be designed for box pleats, and curtain hooks which should be designed for box pleats. You will also need scissors, a sewing machine, thread, pins, iron, measuring tape, and a curtain rod. First you will need to place the curtain rod over the window. Cut the fabric into panels and to the dimensions of the window. Starting with the top edge you will need to fold and press from the wrong side of the fabric, then add a piece of pleating tape. You will then stitch along the fold at the top. Repeat this step to your liking.
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1. Measure around your waist and determine how wide you'd like your waist band to be. Trace your measurements onto your fabric, adding 1/2 inch around the entire thing and approximately
A box pleat is a pleat of two parallel creases facing opposite directions making a raised section in between them. You can have a box pleat on a valance, skirt or a box. For a skirt
n. A double pleat having two upper folds facing in opposite directions and two under folds pressed toward each other.
box pleat: a flat double pleat made by folding under the fabric on either side of it
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Making box pleats is very similar to making all other types of pleats. The first thing that you do is to make a normal pleat in the fabric. Close the top of the ...
The instruction on how to make box pleat valance requires measuring the length and width of a window. The length of the valance should also be estimated from the ...
Mark five points on the edge of your fabric, using stick pins, one inch apart. Fold the two outer parts to meet at the middle pin. Press the pleat flat and ...
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