How to Make Brunette Hair Blonde at Home?


To make brunette hair go blond at home, you will need a hair lightener first. Bring the dark hair up to the level you want. Then, use a hair dye to get the desired color.
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1. Mix up the contents of the bleaching kit purchased from any retail chain store. Empty the color bottle into the plastic applicator bottle; the developer is already inside. Shake
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1 Have a good shampoo and conditioner, and always brush it. Make sure it is in good condition! 2 Put lemon juice on it and go out in the sun. It may well not make your hair blonde
quite a while.cuz u cud hav a mess of a hair :p.
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How to Make Brunette Hair Blonde at Home
Brunettes wanting to be blonde have a long road ahead of them. Bleaching and pre-lightening is the first step to getting blonde hair. Bleaching kits are available at most retail chains and beauty supply stores. They include everything you need to begin... More »
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