How to Make Burrows Solution?


Burrows solution is made from ingredients that are not widely available. You can either buy it from your local drug store, or use another home remedy, like baking soda on insect bites, For more information visit
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Burrows solution can help with many different things. This solution is used to ease discomfort of rashes and has some antiseptic qualities as well.
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Burow's Solution is a solution of Aluminium Acetate in Water used for the treatment of's-so...
How do you prepare burrows solution? It is a pharmacological preparation made of aluminum acetate dissolved in water.
In terms of buying it, you can try any retail pharmacy. They probably will not have it in stock but pharmacies can order it next day from their wholesaler. Just ask the pharmacist
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Burrow's solution is a solution that was invented by Karl August Burrow and is made of aluminium acetate and acetic acid dissolved in water. It is used as a caustic ...
Burrow's solution is aluminum acetate in water. To make this, use 50 mL of aluminum acetate with a liter of water. This solution is used to treat skin infections ...
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