How to Make Burundanga?


The drug Burundanga is a kind of powder that is obtained from a plant called barrachera. It causes people to lose their memory and will, and is often abused by people who are trying to steal things from other people. When refined and used in medicine, it is called scopolamine and can be used as an anesthetic. Description of scopolaimine: This link describes the hoax of burundanga being on business cards:
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It is an urban myth about a plant. They say this plant is extremely dangerous because people can use this as a drug and if someone gives you this you can pass out so the other person
Burundanga is a kind of voodoo powder obtained from a Colombian local plant of the nightshade'burundanga...
burundanga sf (Cuba) 1 (objeto sin valor) piece of junk. es burundanga it's just a piece of junk. de burundanga worthless. 2 (lío) mess, mix-up.
Burundanga is the other name of the drug Scopolamine, used for criminal activities like rape or robbery. The drug is passed on to the victim through business cards, pamphlets, etc
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Burundanga is a drug that is used to drug tourists to rob them. Burundanga is made from a plant called cacao sabanero or borrachero. This is an illegal drug.
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