How to Make Button Jewelry?


Making button jewelry is easy to do. You can use wire or string when making it. You just tread the material you are using through the buttons. Bracelets are the easiest to make.
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1. Choose 81 buttons to make your bracelet. All the buttons can be the same size and color, but it will be more interesting if you choose different sizes and colors to create your
1. Find a tree branch that is smooth and has many sturdy twigs coming off of it. Trim any weak twigs and smooth any rough areas. If you would like to paint the branch, coat it thoroughly
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1. Gather your supplies. Get a wooden or metal picture frame, some peg board and some pegs. For any good sized jewelry collection, you’re going to want something at least big
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How to Make Button Jewelry
Buttons make great materials for jewelry making, as they can easily be threaded onto necklaces wire. Create unique necklaces using leftover buttons with a demonstration by a professional jewelry artist in this free video on making jewelry.... More »
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