How to Make Button Jewelry?


Making button jewelry is easy to do. You can use wire or string when making it. You just tread the material you are using through the buttons. Bracelets are the easiest to make.
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One great homemade gift idea comes right from grandma's button box. Learning how to make button jewelry is so easy, and the finished button rings, bracelets and charms make such lovely
1. Cut a 3-foot strand of beading wire. 2. Thread four 4 mm center-drilled crystal bicone beads over one end of the wire to the center. 3. Hold the beads in the center of the wire
1. Cut a 8-inch piece of clear elastic beading cord. Thread the end of a large sewing needle through one end of the cord. 2. Push the needle horizontally through the center of a piece
1. A mourning ring with a skull charm. Place the mourning charm on top of the ring blank. Try several different arrangements until you find the position you want. 2. Clean the ring
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How to Make Button Jewelry
Buttons make great materials for jewelry making, as they can easily be threaded onto necklaces wire. Create unique necklaces using leftover buttons with a demonstration by a professional jewelry artist in this free video on making jewelry.... More »
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