How do you make cake boxes?


To make cake boxes, you need a 6-by-6-inch square of paper that will produce a cake box with a 2 1/2-inch square bottom. Fold one corner into the centre and unfold and repeat for each of the other three points. Crease all fold lines with wooden stick and repeat this step for the opposite side of the box. You can then add cellophane and ribbon to the box to give it a nice decorative look.
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1. Preheat oven to 350°F and lightly coat the bottom of the cake pan with oil. (You can also use cooking spray or dust the pan with flour. 2. Combine cake mix and instant pudding
A football cake can be made using a mold and brown icing. White icing can be used for the laces. Otherwise, bake a sheet cake and ice it green and decorate it like a football field.
Sponge cakes depend on the whipping of eggs for their height and spongy texture. Any sponge cake you make will require a good deal of eggs, the use of an electric mixer and something
1. Use an oven friendly bowl to bake a round topped cake. Decorate and enjoy. 2. Target has a silicone baseball pan that runs about $15.00. You bake the pieces and put the cake together
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How to Make Your Own Cake Boxes
There is nothing worse than painstakingly icing and decorating a cake and having your hard work messed up while transporting the masterpiece. You can protect your delicate delicacies by making your own cake box to house the treats while you travel. You... More »
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It is possible to make a cake from a boxed mix without eggs. Some popular substitutions for the eggs include applesauce, bananas, pudding, yogurt and even tofu.Chefs ...
To make a cake slice box slice box, choose card stock that matches your event and then print a cake box template which you will cut out along the solid outer lines ...
When making a boxing glove cake, first bake two round cakes and two square cakes and stack them up with the round cakes on top then curve the cakes into boxing ...
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