How to Make Candy Decorations?


To make candy decorations you will need a hollow pool noodle, fishing line, white ribbon, straight pins, and a frisbee. You will also need tinfoil, colored cellophane, clear tape, and ribbon. Bend the pool noodle to resemble the shape of a candy cane. You will then pin the white ribbon to the one end of the pool noodle. You will need to wrap the white ribbon around the pool noodle until you get to the other end and pin. The frisbee will need to be wrapped in tinfoil completely. You will then cover the frisbee with the colored cellophane as if you are wrapping a present.
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1. Prepare a decorating bag to be filled by cutting off the tip and inserting a decorating tip. There are many decorating tips from which to choose, such as ones for making shapes
You can glue things on with a hot glue gun like plastic flowers, use colored sand or marbles inside, you can also use tissue paper of different colors soak in white gle watered down
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