How do you make carp baits?


The most basic ingredients in carp baits are some flavored bread squeezed on a hook. Introducing other types of flavoring or dipping the bread into a corn juice is also good. A wide range of animal and pet foods, like those of the pellet-type and fish pastes as well as oat meals, cereals and crackers were found to be very useful in making dough baits for carp. For additional instructions on how to make carp baits and other flavorful ingredients, visit
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1. Pour 3 cups of corn flakes into a mixing bowl. Crush the corn flakes into small pieces with your hands. Do not completely pulverize them, but the flakes should be finely crushed.
1 Add a packet of Angel delight into a clean mixing bowl. Angel Delight is add-milk-and-whip pudding. Ad 2 Add 300g of Richworth 50/50 boilie mix and mix in. 3 Add one teaspoon full
Carp Bait 3 cups of yellow corn meal 1 cup of flour 3 table spoons
The supplies you need : Left over bread, a jar of peanut butter, a bottle of maple syrup, some cinnamon. What you do : You get a rather large bowl and lay 2 pieces of bread in. Get
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