How do you make a casserole carrier?


Make your own casserole carrier with quilted fabric to add to the insulating factor to keep your foods warm. You can choose a pretty fabric that wont show food spills if you have to bubble over on the casserole. These carriers will allow you to transport that hot casserole straight from the oven to the buffet table. For more information look here:;
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1. Cut fabric into three pieces: the first piece should be 36 inches by 16 inches. The other two pieces should both be 24 inches by 8 inches. 2. Finish the edges of the larger piece
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How to Make a Casserole Carrier
Sew yourself a quilted casserole carrier to take along hot dishes for potluck suppers or other food-centered events. The quilting helps keep the casserole warm and removes the need to bring pot holders or wrap the casserole in a towel. Use prequilted... More »
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A homemade casserole carrier can help you keep your dish warm while you are headed to a party. If you sew, you should find these relatively easy to make. A tutorial on how to make a casserole carrier is available on the website Homemade by Jill. She takes you through each step in making a casserole carrier. You can use any fabric you like to personalize your carrier. Some free patterns for the carriers are availalbe on the website All Free Sewing. For those who are visual learners, a video tutorial is also online at PatternPile.
If you love making casseroles but have no way of taking them safely to gatherings, try making a casserole carrier. You can easily make one at home. To make a casserole carrier you will need a casserole dish, quilting weight fabric, insulated batting, straight pins, quilting fat quarter fabric, an iron, an ironing board, thread, a sewing machine, a serger, binding tape, a hook and a loop fastener. You can find more information at
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