How to Make Cathedral Window Quilt Block?


To make a cathedral window quilt block you will need approximately 12 squares. You may choose to start with a minimum of at least four. These need to be cut them about 1/2 inches and you will also need four 1/8 inch squares of a pattern material. The pattern material is what creates the 'window' look in your quilt.
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1. Cut an 8 1/4-inch square of muslin for each cathedral window block. Fold square in half both horizontally and vertically to find the middle of each edge. Beginning with the top
This website has the Best Tutorial I've seen. Good Luck!
Rows for the Cathedral Window rag quilt are sewn together much like the method used to attach the circle sandwiches to each other, sewing individual sandwiches together along the
Watch this instructional quilting video to sew three dimensional faux cathedral window quilting blocks. These easy to make blocks add great accents to any quilt. The cathedral window
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