How to Make Cheerleader POM Poms?


You must first select the colors you want your poms poms to be. Then purchase plastic trash bags to match. Lay the bags flat, one on top of another on a large, hard cutting surface, make sure they are placed evenly together. Fold the bags half together, line both halves perfectly. Cut small slivers about half way up the folded bag pile and then cut it in strips. Take the bag and fold it lengthwise, the folded top can be scrunched. Take a few strips in between the palms of your hands and rub them together to create as much friction as you can for 3 to 4 minutes.
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1. Determine what materials were used to manufacture the pom-poms. A sticker is sometimes attached to the plastic hand holding portion of the pom-poms detailing the materials. Looking
To make a cheerleading pom pom you first need to pick out the material you want to use. In this case I am going to make them out of newspaper. You take the paper and cut multiple
1 Choose your tissue paper and materials. This kind of pom is great for cheering on your team from the stands -- especially if you have your team's colors. Get at least two different
Pom is a mixture of dance. Pom girls don't use many cheer motions, It's more "creative" Cheerleaders, on the other hand, almost always use the simple cheer motions. Cheerleaders
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Free instructions for making cheerleading pom poms can be found online at many different website locations. You can also find free instructions to make cheerleading ...
The history of cheerleaders and pom poms is related as when cheerleading was founded, pom poms were used to provide a new and an exciting option that was to revolutionize ...
To make cheerleader pom pons, you need garbage bags (10 per pom pon), scissors, and duct tape. If you want to achieve a cheerleader pom pon, the pom pon needs ...
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