Make Chloroform at Home?


To prepare chloroform, pour water into a pitcher and dissolve the shock powder while stirring. Add a few pieces of ice and begin pouring the acetone. The mixture will begin a chemical reaction that increases temperature. Three layers will be formed, the top being the unreacted acetone, the middle being water and the bottom chloroform, which can be extracted using a separatory funnel.
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To begin with, a warning! Chloroform is dangerous - it can cause terminal diseases and also death if not administered under expert and medical supervision. Chloroform is a compound
how to make chloroform at home? get cocacine and mix it with bleach and then place on a tissue I HAVE BEEN WARNED TO SAY THIS (THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU
How to Make Chloroform Pour water into the pitcher and dissolve the shock
The same way you make it in the lab. You didn't know that? Sheesh, everyone knows that. Source(s) ChemTeam.
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Chloroform has been shown to be carcinogenic in animals and likely hazardous to human health. It should not be created or handled at home.
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