How to Make Church Fans?


To make church fans all you need to do is get some construction paper or something stronger if you prefer, some glue and popscicle sticks. You can print out pictures from the internet on your paper to personalize them. Check out this link for designs and ideas:
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1. Calculate the number of fans needed for the church. Having this information saves time and money when buying supplies and constructing the fans. 2. Purchase blank double-sided
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How to Make Church Fans
Church fans are used to keep cool during church services. They originated in the church prior to the installation of electric fans and air conditioning. Church fans have two sides that are made with heavy-duty poster board paper and an 8-inch basswood... More »
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They don't say 'hotter than a harlotte in church' for no reason. You can use popsicle sticks, glue, and card stock to make beautiful fans. Design your fan using a program like Microsoft Word or Publisher. Print the design on card stock and remember that you can also use both sides of the paper or make two designs for the front and back of the stick. Cut out the design by rounding the corners of the paper. Glue the design to the stick and let it dry over night. For more information look here: See below for a great stick resource;
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