How to Make Clay Characters?


To make clay characters, you will need modeling clay. Massaging the clay will make it easier to work with. Just start forming the features with your hands. It will probably take practice. There are also molds available to put your clay into. Read the directions to see if your clay should be baked or air dried.
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1. Roll out two balls of clay for your simple clay animation character. Make a small ball about a fourth of the size of your palm for the head. Roll out another ball about half the
Use a plastic bottle to be the inside structure for the volcano. Build the volcano with clay around the bottle. Using the bottle will give you a place to put the baking soda and vinegar
1. Roll a small snake of clay about 1/4 inch thick and 1 1/2 inches long. 2. Curve the snake slightly and press it gently into the eye cavity above the eyeball on the model. Press
1. Line your piece of cardboard with aluminum foil, completely covering the cardboard. 2. Look through books that show pictures of the rainforest. Begin developing ideas of what you
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How to Make Clay Characters
Creating your own characters from clay for decoration or play gives you the freedom to choose their size, colors, accessories and expressions. Create angels, fairies, and dollhouse figures as well as characters from storybooks and your imagination with... More »
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