How to Make Clay Flowers?


To make clay flowers you will need some polymer clay. You will also need a tool to roll out the clay and another to cut the shapes. After you have them cut and assembled you will need to bake the flowers according to the directions listed on the polymer clay package.
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How to Make Clay Flowers
Making models from clay can be a relaxing, fun hobby or even a nice business. Clay models, or sculptures made of clay, make great gifts as well. Clay takes paint well and can be molded or sculpted. Here's how you can take advantage of this versatile... More »
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1. Decide what type of clay you would like to use. There are different clays for different uses. If you are going to harden the clay in a kiln, you'll want to use firing clay. Oil-based
To make clay flowers, roll the clay until it forms into a tubular form. Flatten the clay. Add more clay and form to make the petals. With a sculpting tool design the middle into the
1 Flatten four 1' x 1' mounds of soft clay using a dough roller, or fingers, until each is less than 1/4 of an inch thick. Ad 2 Place a few drops of Acrylic paint (Green for stems
Nasturtium tolerates poor soil.
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To make clay flower first take a ball of clay of whichever color and place it on a nonstick surface. The surface may be for instance wax paper. Thereafter pinch ...
1. Use the art of decoupage to cover the clay flower pot. Select either colorful bits of tissue paper, photographs or pictures cut out from magazines and newspapers ...
One can paint clay pots in a variety of ways. When painting clay pots, one can use a spray paint for painting the entire pot in one color. For more decorative ...
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