How to Make Clay Pot People?


Clay pot people make great unique decorations for your yard or patio. You can easily make them at home. To do so you will need several clay pots, thick nylong rope and a utility knife. See this site for complete directions for making clay pot people.
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How to Make Clay Pot People
Making clay pot people is a whimsical way to personalize your yard or garden. It doesn't matter if your pots or old, weathered, cracked or stained. These instructions guide you through the basic construction for a small pot person, but it's your... More »
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A clay pot person will add interest to any garden! These can be put together as large or small as you want depending on the size clay pots you use. These do not have to be new pots either. Use up some of the old ones you have laying around or your may even find a boxful at a garage sale to turn in to a garden person! These can be decorated with facial features and accessories as well. For more information look here:;
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To make a clay pot be sure to form your clay to make it manageable and easy to work with. Form the base of your pot with the clay, and begin to mold your clay into the shape of the
1. Spray the clay pot and saucer with sealer. Let dry 24 hours. 2. Put a tile between thick layers of newspaper and hit with the hammer to break it. The pieces should be roughly dime-sized
1 Spread newspapers on the ground or on your work surface. Ad 2 Set the clay pot upside down on the newspaper. 3 Hold the spray can 8 to 10 inches (20. 3 to 25.4 cm) from the clay
well first of all you can get a factory made glaze or you can get recipes online and you have to have it bisque fired to take away all the water molecules in the pot then you dip
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