How to Make Coin Jewelry?


Coin jewelry can be made with only a few tools. First the coin and then a drill. You will need to clamp the coin down to a worktable. Put on a pair of goggles and carefully drill a small hole near the top edge of the coin. A cord or chain can be inserted in the hole.
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1. Select the coin you wish to cut. For beginners this should be an inexpensive coin common to your location. Beginners might also choose a coin with a well-defined, smooth-edged
If you want to learn how to make resin jewelry, it's not only a great way to create unique and fun gifts for family and friends, it's also a rewarding hobby. Jewelry making isn't
1. Measure and cut a piece of string 1 meter in length. String on six of the 4 mm-sized beads. Form a circle with the six beads. Secure the circle by pulling the left end of the string
1. Decide on the type of jewelry you wish to make. Bracelets, necklaces, bangles and rings were popular forms of jewelry. Hair adornments were also popular. Then select the materials
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How to Make Jewelry out of Coins
Coins have long been used in jewelry. It was a common practice in ancient Rome, and they are still a logical choice for jewelry: Coins are usually made of precious metals, feature beautiful art work, and demonstrate wealth and status. In the past coins... More »
Coins have used to make jewelry, since well, since there have been coins. They can be drilled and a chained looped through the hole. Or you can have the coins set into key chains, rings or bracelets. You can also use bezels, either ones that you purchase or ones you make by wrapping wire around the coin. Fire mountain gems has some great jewelry findings and tools, to help spark your imagination.
You can make coin jewelry by drilling a hole in the coin and placing a jump ring in the hole. Many such coins can be attached to a chain or strung on a piece of leather lacing.
To make coin jewelery you will need some coins that are of no value and then you will have to decide what kind of jewelery you would like to make like a necklace or a ring.
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