How to Make Comcast My Home Page?


To make comcast your home page go to tools, then to Internet options, on that page enter in comcast's website and set it as your default. Close the page and reopen it and Comcast should be there.
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1. Launch Internet Explorer. 2. Go to the website page that you want to set as your homepage instead of Comcast's website. 3. Click the down arrow. It is next to the "Home"
It doesn't matter what version Windows you have, it matters what browser you have. Re-ask this question with whether you use IE, firefox, chrome, etc.
Comcast Personal Web Pages are free to all Comcast subscribers. With your Personal Web Page you can share photos, plan events, post polls, and much more. Visit the link below to
1. Open the HTML file for your home page in Notepad, Dreamweaver or your favorite web editor. 2. Find the source code for the image you want to change. For example: <img src=images
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How to Make Comcast Your Home Page
Comcast is a leading provider of digital cable, phone and Internet services. If you subscribe to their services, you can use their website to check your account settings, make changes to your subscription and check email. Setting Comcast as your homepage... More »
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In order to make Comcast your home page, you would first need to visit the page in your web browser. In the upper left corner of the page, click on the link that says Make This My Homepage.
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