How to Make Cool Alien Crafts?


There are many cool crafts to make. A person can create origami, kirigami, 3D drawings, paper crafts, spiral art, or knit various things, such as stuffed animals.
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Things You'll Need. Three heavy-duty paper dinner plates. Heavy-duty paper bowl. Acrylic paint. Paintbrush. Four milk jug lids. Black acrylic paint. Craft glue. Aluminum foil. Ruler
1. Pre-cut pieces of gray paper so they are curved at the top to look like the tablets Moses wrote the 10 Commandments on. Give each child a piece of the gray paper. 2. Give each
Things You'll Need. Plastic gallon milk jug. Pen. Scissors. Old newspapers. Silver acrylic paint. Paintbrushes. Pipe cleaner. Feather plume. Brads. Tape (optional). Instructions.
Things You'll Need. 2-liter soda bottle. Acrylic paint. Paintbrush. Craft glue. Foam ball, 2 inches in diameter. Construction paper, yellow, black and white. Scissors. Plastic fruit
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How to Make Cool Alien Crafts
Make cool alien crafts with your children or as a class art project using paper plates. The shape and depth of paper plates stacked together allow you to imagine creatures that are out-of-this-world. Gather the supplies and create alien crafts for a... More »
Difficulty: Easy
There are many cool crafts that one can make, depending on the materials that you have. One can make use of recyclable materials such as old cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls to make pencil holders and other utility boxes. One can also make paper crafts such as origami and accessories such as necklaces and bracelets.
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