How to Make Crochet Flowers?


In order to make crochet flowers you must know the basics of crocheting. Stores like Michael's and Jo Anne Fabrics sell beginner step by step crochet kits that are easy to follow. They also let you know what materials and tools are required.
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Crochet flowers are an excellent way to dress up an afghan, a sweater, a pair of booties or a hat and scarf set. When making crochet flowers, you can use two colors, one for the center
1. Search for flower crochet patterns according to your ability. For the purposes of this article, we'll focus on a simple pattern. 2. Complete the project with white crochet cotton
1. Loop the yarn over your index finger and pull the end of the yarn through the loop to make a slip knot. 2. Make a slip stitch by holding the slip knot and looping the thread over
1. Make a slipknot with the crochet thread and place the loop on the crochet hook. Catch the thread with the needle tip. Draw the thread through the loop as you drop the loop from
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How to Make Crocheted Flowers
Flowers are one of the most beloved forms of nature that we use to decorate our homes and clothing. Artists have studied them and using their talents have tried to duplicate them in many ways. Crochet is a medium used to make a large variety of flowers... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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