How to Make Crunk Juice?


To make Crunk Juice, you need to combine 1 1/2 ounces of Cognac, with 8 ounces of Red Bull. Mix well, and serve with crushed ice. Use mint leaf for garnishing.
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Crunk Juice is popular with Lil Jon and is the title of his seventh album. This drink or cocktail is commonly made with Hennessy (cognac) and Red Bull (energy drink). There is also
Crunk juice is used at parties and get togethers, it is used to entertain guests or for enjoyment. Crunk juice is a combination of red bull and Hennessey.
A recipe for crunk juice is 8 oz can Red Bull energy drink and 1 1/2 oz
Crunk juice is an alcoholic drink consisting of Cognac and Red Bull. Do you need the recipe? Just ask!
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Crunch juice is an energy drink made from, a mixture of cognac and caffeine and glucose. It acts as a greater stimulant than alcohol would alone, akin to similar ...
CRUNK!!!, is an energy drink . It's all natural. The cans feature a basic font, with "CRUNK!!!" written diagonally on the front. ...
Appearing on Lil' John's "Crunk Juice" album, ...
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