How do you make cyanide?


Cyanide is the original of all synthetic poisons. To make cyanide, you must first have ferrocyanide and to get rid of the iron (ferro) atoms. Mix thoroughly 8 parts of dry ferrocyanide and 3 parts dry sodium carbonate, heat them in a steel container until the fluid is colourless. Decant the sediments out and the resulting fluid is pure cyanide.
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Cyanide is generally made in large scale chemical plants, where the process is roughly; React gaseous ammonia (NH3) natural gas (CH4) and air using a platinum catalyst. This will
1. Remove any clothing that has been soaked with hydrogen cyanide immediately. 2. Wash the areas of your skin exposed to the hydrogen cyanide with copious amounts of water. 3. Place
While there were once instructions posted online as to how to make cyanide, these
Such a random question lol. Is this just because you're curious? Should we all be alarmed, esspecially as you've already youtubed it lol . O_o .
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