How to Make Dakins Solution?


A carefully measured combination of bleach and baking soda mixed with water will work similarly to Dakins solution. This is a great sanitizer for using at home. For more information visit
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Dakins solution is made from Clorox bleach, baking soda, clean tap water, a pan with a lid, a sterile measuring cup and a sterile jar. It is a sterilizer that will really do great at sanitizing things!
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(dā'kĭnz) n. A dilute aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite used in cleansing wounds. [After Henry Drysdale Dakin (1880-1952), British biochemist.]
Sodium bicarbonate increases the antiseptic action of sodium hypochlorite.
Dakin's solution tends to lose its strength over time. Would recommend making a new solution after 5 to 7 days. According to the link below, the solution should be stored at room
(Medicine) a dilute solution containing sodium hypochlorite and boric acid, used as an antiseptic in the treatment of wounds [named after Henry D. Dakin (1880-1952), English chemist's+solution
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Dakins solution is a dilute aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite, also know as liquid bleach, which is used in cleansing wounds. Henry Dakin was the chemist ...
Dakin's solution is antibacterial and known to be effective for killing germs. It also prevents germ growth in wounds. In fact, it is easy to make at home when ...
To prepare Dakin's solution you will need lime, sodas, measuring containers and water. Measure and combine all the ingredients, shake and freeze, and you've ...
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