How to Make Dollar Bill Origami?


Many different books and websites can show you how to make dollar bill origami. Origami is the art of paper folding. Things that can be made with dollar bills range in difficulty from bracelets, to elephants, to even a ring!
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1. Fold the dollar bill in half lengthwise. Make a crease. Unfold the dollar bill and fold the left side inward and in half so it meets at the center crease line. Repeat on the right
Fold the bill in half end-to-end with the portrait facing out.
It is about the same as normal paper. Just follow the instructions in the related link (Scroll down on this page.
One of the most intriguing origami designs is the origami dragon. Throughout the ages, dragons have lived in books, magazines, movies and imaginations. Now, with the help of origami
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