How to Make Dripless Candles?


To make dripless candles, you must used pure beeswax only. Beeswax will not drip while it is being burned. You must also use a 100 percent cotton wick which will absorb the melted wax.
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Knowing how to make dripless candles can help keep you from scraping wax out of your carpet or refinishing your dining room table. Dripless Candle Treatment If you have candles that
1. Melt the beeswax in a double boiler. Place the beeswax chunks into an empty, clean coffee can. Place the coffee can into the top of the double boiler. Pour water into the bottom
I had an email question recently asking how to make candles “dripless”. Mostly this would apply to taper candles, that are in a taper holder or candelabra. (Because I
1. Find an empty glass jar, such as an old jelly jar, baby food jar or small mayonnaise container. Wash it out completely and allow it to dry thoroughly. 2. Put newspaper down on
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