How to Make Ear Cuffs?


Ear cuffs are a type of earring but can be used for ears that are not pierced. You can make them using some wire and a pliers. They can be beaded or made into elaborate shapes.
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1. Cut a 4-inch strip of a 20-gauge jewelry wire with a wire cutter. Fold a 1-inch length at one end of the jewelry wire, so that it bends inward at a 180-degree angle. 2. Hold a
1. Select the right materials. For a basic cuff, you will need several feet of an elastic string, a selection of pony beads, and a pair of scissors. Although pony beads are classic
1. Trace an existing dome-shaped fleece hat onto a double layer of polar fleece. Trace around your outline again, one inch out from the original line. 2. Draw two cat ear shapes onto
1. Select wires for pierced ears. Euro-wires are nice because they have a clasp on the back and won't easily pull out of the ear the way conventional wires can. Conventional wires
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