How to Make Easy Medieval Costumes?


At Halloween time, I need to be creative and cost efficient when making costumes for my 7 children. One year I made an easy, affordable Medieval costume for my son. I simply went to the Dollar store and bought the helmet and knee guards. Then I used cardboard, string and aluminum foil to make the shield, sword and chest guard.
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1. Take down some basic measurements. Measure the distance between your shoulders and the width of your waist. For women, measure your height from shoulder to feet. For men, measure
A fool's costume in medieval times was called Motley.
1. Find a basic long sleeve shirt in your son's favorite color. Attach felt cuffs of a contrasting color with safety pins. Ad. 2. Cut the first initial of your son's name out of felt
Popcorn. Take a box and fit person. Paint POPCORN on the front. Glue popped
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