How to Make Elastic Headbands?


It isn't hard to make elastic headbands to match any outfit that you have. You simply need to sew a rectangle of fabric into a tube shape, leaving the ends open. Turn the tube right side out and run elastic through the tube. Last, you will sew the two ends of the tube together, but be careful to not sew through the elastic.
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1. Measure around your head where you will be wearing the headband. 2. Cut a length of ribbon that is 4 inches shorter than the measurement taken in Step 1. Cut a 2-inch length of
1 Measure the head. Before you can make the headband you will need to know the appropriate size. This can be done by measuring the individual or by using generalized measurements
1. Place the knee-high on a flat surface and smooth out any wrinkles. 2. Cut the knee-high just above the heel and just under the seam for the panty line. Discard the leftover fabric
1. Use the measuring tape to measure 12 inches in length and 3 inches in width of cloth. 2. Pin the cloth with sewing pins to mark the position of the measurements. Cut out the cloth
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How to Make Elastic Headbands
Elastic headbands are an attractive headband option for people who can't wear typical headbands due to sensitive nerves behind their ears. With an elastic headband, the elastic gently conforms to the head without the painful pinching that is common with... More »
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Make a tube of fabric and insert a length of elastic that will fit tight. Sew the ends together and add a bow if you want to the crown of the headband.
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