How to Make Elf Ears?


You can make elf ears using a little creativity and play dough. Shape the dough around your ears to make them have a pointy shape, and try to find a color that matches your skin color.
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1. Draw an elf ear on a piece of cardboard. If you are not artistic, search for a picture of an elf and trace the ear on a piece of paper until you get the shape right. 2. Cut out
Take a stiff plastic headband that's your hair color, and then double up a piece of cardboard and cut a triangle with a rectangular tab at the bottom. (The rectangle will be longer
Elephant ears are a great smell in the Fall at festivals and fairs. They are made from a pancake or doughnut-type batter, deep fried, and smothered with cinnamon and powdered sugar.
Learn how to make elf ears for an elf costume in this free Christmas party costume video. Matt Cail is a painter, makeup artist, and cartoonist. While in college, he acted in, directed
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How to Make Elf Ears
A pair of elf ears can be a great addition to a Halloween or Christmas costume. The look is unmistakable, a normal set of ears on the lobe area. They stretch upward and finish in a fleshy point. Usually, these are oversized for effect as well.... More »
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To make homemade elf ears, you should first decide how big you want them. From there, you should gather your materials, which would be liquid latex, scissors, ...
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