How to Make Elf Ears?


You can make elf ears using a little creativity and play dough. Shape the dough around your ears to make them have a pointy shape, and try to find a color that matches your skin color.
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1. Break off two pieces of polymer clay, each about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. 2. Mold the clay pieces into the shape of long and pointy elf ears. You will use the clay ears
How would you make elf or fairy doors, you ask? Simple. The most important building material when making an elf door is the magic of believing. Before anything else, you must believe
1. Fill the boiler with about 2 liters (8 cups) of water, add salt and bring to a slow boil. Once bubbles appear, add pig ears straight from the package and reduce heat to low so
1. Add two ounces of warm water to the container. Drugstores actually sell dropper bottles which are ideal for this purpose, but any bottle or sealable container will do. 2. Mix 1
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How to Make Elf Ears
A pair of elf ears can be a great addition to a Halloween or Christmas costume. The look is unmistakable, a normal set of ears on the lobe area. They stretch upward and finish in a fleshy point. Usually, these are oversized for effect as well.... More »
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