How to Make Elmo Cupcakes?


Make cupcakes according to the recipe on the box and put red icing on the top of them.. When cooled, use an icing bag to make red icing squiggles all over the top of the red icing. Cut two big eyes out of a large marshmallow and place them on the top area. Roll one piece of cut marshmallow in red sugar and place that on as the nose, and then use chocolate icing to put black spots on the eyes and to make a mouth. So cute! This link has a video showing how to decorate cupcakes to look like Elmo.
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Elmo cupcakes are easy to make. One easy way is to frost the cupcakes with red frosting. Use white candy wafers and black gel icing for the eyes. An orange gumdrop for the nose and a thin piece of black licorice for the mouth. You can also use only frosting, in red, black, white and orange, forming Elmos facial features out of icing. For more information look here: A blog about making Elmo Cupcakes;
To make Elmo cupcakes, begin by making traditional cupcakes and covering the top of the cupcake with plenty of red frosting. Use a frosting tip that has many tiny holes in the end to create a sort of furry appearance with the icing. Then, add a mouth made from about 1/3 of the cookie portion of an Oreo cookie and marshmallow eyes. Top the eyes with brown frosting for the pupil or add a brown M&M to each marshmallow. Use an orange M&M for the nose.
Is you child in love with Elmo? You can easily have an Elmo themed birthday party by making Elmo cupcakes. To make them you will need a cake mix, sweetened coconut flakes, red food coloring, yellow food coloring, white frosting and chocolate frosting. You can find more information at
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1. Tint the chocolate frosting with a few drops of black icing coloring and blend well; continue adding more coloring until you achieve a black or very dark gray tint. Be aware that
1. Pre-heat your oven at 180°C (350°F) 2. Line a 12-section bun tray with paper cake cases. Put butter sugar, eggs, flour, cocoa powder and baking powder in a bowl and beat
Chocolate cake batter, red, black, yellow, and white frosting, and a baking stencil of Elmo's face. If that doesnt help, try clicking this link:
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