How to Make Fabric Colorfast?


This might help: Wash the item alone in a wash load of cold water to which you have added one cup of table salt and one cup of white vinegar, and then avoid hanging the item in the sunlight. Do further washings in cold water; do not wash in hot water.
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You can soak them in water with vinegar and salt then rinse. Be sure to use cold water when you soak the item, and do not wash it with light colored clothes until you know the color
1. Plug the drain and place your denim item into the sink. 2. Cover the denim with equal parts water and white vinegar. You'll need enough liquid to completely cover it. 3. Sprinkle
1. Select a fabric and a napkin ring. The basic design is best done with a fabric square such as a napkin. Cotton or linen are the best fabrics to use as these hold their shape. Once
1. Iron the fabric, and lay it out on a flat surface. Measure and mark off nine fabric strips that are 1-inch-wide with a ruler and the dressmaker’s chalk. Each strip should
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To make fabric colorfast you will need to gather all of the materials that you will need for the color-fasting. The next is to pick out what fabric you are needing for the color-color-fasting.
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