How to Make Fake Crack Cocaine?


You could probably make fake crack cocaine with baking soda. You might also be able to make it with unscented baby powder. To get the right consistency, you might have to experiment and combine the two products.
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WikiAnswers does not support the illegal activity or in this case the fake illegal activity for making illegal drugs.
I dont no,probably Baking Soda and Wax..
1. Purchase a crack cocaine identification test kit. These kits are not readily available in stores, but you can find them online at sites like 2. Put on gloves
Boil water and baking soda. Let liquefy. Pour liquid baking soda in non stick
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To cook Crack Cocaine in the microwave, you have to mix baking soda, water, and cocaine in a glass baking dish. Microwave your mixture for five to ten seconds, ...
It is widely known that the appearance of that of crack cocaine looks white. It is usually crystallized in format, and is sold in small bags with the quantity. ...
Crack cocaine, more commonly known as crack, is a street drug. It is weighed in grams before being sold. It is most commonly smoked, though some people melt it ...
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