How to Make Fake Deer Antlers?


To make fake deer antlers you will need wire hangers, pliers, wire cutters, and aluminum foil. You will also need polymer clay, a pasta roller or rolling pin, an oven, and acrylic paint. First, you will want to untwist the wire hangers. Next, cut a piece of the wire hanger to be used as the main antler. You will also want to cut additional pieces from the wire hangers to be used as antlers. Wrap aluminum foil around the wires. Knead the clay and then roll it out with a rolling pin. Wrap the clay around the aluminum foil. Place in the oven and cook based on instructions on the package of the clay.
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There are several ways that you can mount deer antlers. You will need to cut the antlers from the skull, skin all the flesh away from the bone, and then dry them using a drying agent
Brand realistic Resin Deer Antler can be used to make fake deer antlers.
1. Cut the pattern for the mounting board from a piece of paper. You can make whatever design you wish, just be sure it's large enough to hold the deer antlers. 2. Choose a board.
1. Fill the pot with water and place the deer antlers inside. Put the pot on the heat source, but do not turn on the heat yet. Make sure that the antlers are completely submerged
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