How to Make Fake Drinks?


If you want to make fake drinks for stage props or a photo shoot, you'll want to use materials that hold up under harsh lighting. Local craft stores will have a product called 'artificial water' in the floral department that you can mix with food coloring. Add artificial ice cubes, and you're all set! Check out this great tutorial on how to make plastic ice cubes for your fake drink:
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Fake drinks can be made of modeling clay or spray foam. The material can be pressed into a mold to form the shape of the glass and liquid. Then, it can be painted to realistically look like a drink.
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1. Mix the acrylic water based on the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure you mix the solution carefully so that it will solidify correctly. 2. Add food coloring to the acrylic
1 Pour lemonade or wine into a glass. Ad
Aspartame is an artificial sweetener, C14H18N2O5, formed from aspartic acid.
Are you drinking to enjoy yourself or to impress your friends? If the former, then just drink what you want to drink. If the latter, then get some new friends.
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