How do you make fake food props?


To make fake food props you will need salt, flour, lukewarm water, acrylic paints, and varnish. You can also use varnish, which is optional. First, you will need to mix the water, salt, and flour together. While kneading the mixture you will want to add water to make sure the mixture is not too powdery. Next, you will want to mold the mixture into various shapes of food. Paint the foods according to what the food looks like in real life and allow to air dry.
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1. Mix the salt and flour together, then add half the water. Knead the dough, adding water gradually until it reaches a consistency that is pliable and not too powdery. If your finished
Making fake food is no easy task! Gather the materials: We need 3 real samples of
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How to Make Fake Food Props
Fake food props are useful for ongoing theater shows, movie productions and plays. Actors can slip on a fake banana or carry a glass of fake milk, without fear of spilling it. Fake fruit won't spoil and fake spills-- which look convincingly... More »
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You can use different materials to make fake food props. Clay, wax and rubber are all good materials. Get creative! The type of material and how you build your props, whether you use a mold or make them free form, will depend on the kind of 'food' you're making.
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