How to Make Fancy Bows?


When you are making a fancy bow you will need ribbon, metal ties and scissors. Make a loop with the bow and hold it with your forefinger and thumb. Next, twist the piece of ribbon between your finger and thumb. You will repeat this process until have at least eight to ten loops.
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1. Cut the ribbon into varying lengths, going from long to short. 2. Take the longest piece of the ribbon and peel the fabric back at each end to expose the wire. Bend the wire around
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1. Get yourself a big roll of ribbon, about an inch wide, in a color that matches your wrapping paper. Okay, or doesn't, if you're into that. 2. Coil it around your hand about 15
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You can make a fancy bow by first purchasing a plain beret. Wrap several colors of ribbon through the slot in the beret, tying them together in a decorative bow! ...
1. Cut one 5-inch-long piece of ribbon. Cut two 16-inch pieces of ribbon. Cut two 18-inch pieces of ribbon. Cut two 20-inch pieces of ribbon. Cut two 25-inch pieces ...
You can tie your own fancy bow by coiling a long piece of ribbon around your hand about 15 times, flattening it in your hand, trimming off the corners, and separating ...
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