How can I make fishnets?


You will need knitting needle, knitting twines, nylon 0.15-0.30 in size, kuralan(multifilament), polyethylene, mesh gauge, scissors, meter, boulders, bamboo strips. Use a one piece curtain rod for hardwood to allow the handling of the shuttle and mesh stick. Wind seine twine no 12 on the shuttle or needle wrapping the twine twice around the mesh stick to make a loop from a ring nail and tighten the knot to net a chain of 39 meshes in a series of diamond shaped meshes. In the 39 meshes tie 78 knots making sure they are tight before removing the mesh stick. Move the starting chain by the left hand loops to the supporting rod through threading it through the vertical row of 39 meshes and fix the rod firmly in a horizontal position to form a landing net. Form 8 rows of 39 knots each using single meshes and reversing the net with each row so that the meshes and knots can be tied from the left over the mesh stick. Net the 8 rows in a triangular width decreasing the knots and meshes and tie two loops together in each row that the last is at the right hand end of the bottom row forming a tapered net. Detach the net from the rod and stretch it over a firm cushion or pillow and with a length of twine start at the top right hand knot and tie over hand knots as the edges are closed in the pinned position. Thread the shuttle over the left hand knots downwards with the right hand knots coming up from the bottom and the junctures should form the same size of meshes in a tapered form of the landing net making them nearly invisible. Connect the frame and net using a strong double length of twine wrapped over the frame through the first row of meshes and close the bottom using a ¾ inch bone ring where the last row of loops are attached.
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The best Way is to put some bait under the net at the the low end where your hands could reach. then, stand three steps back, and wait till you see the fish once you have, grab the
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How to Make a Fishnet
A fishnet can be used to catch fish or it can be used as a decorative accent material for a home with a seaside theme. Fishnet is characterized by rope that intertwines to make a netting. The holes of a fishnet should not be large enough for the type of... More »
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