How to Make Flower Girl Baskets?


Homemade flower girl baskets are so easy to make and a great way to match the wedding theme and colors. Any small basket will work. You can add tulle, flowers, satin, and ribbons to the basket to have a nice addition to the overall look of the wedding. For more information see here: Sweet and Simple Flower Girl Basket And Accessory Ideas;
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Make up a bouquet for the flower girl to match the bridesmaids' make it a bit smaller, however. You can include the same flowers and greenery. This is a good alternative if you absolutely
1. Choose a suitable basket. Look in any craft store for suitable baskets. The basket should be: Dainty/small - it should be large enough to contain the desired amount of flower petals's-Ba...
Flower girl baskets are sold at David's Bridal retailers, on etsy, or Party City. Most craft stores also sell these baskets where one can decorate it as they please like at a Michaels
It has become a tradition to have flower girls march down the aisle before the wedding ceremony starts, and usually, the flower girl carries a basket filled with fresh flower petals
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Make Flower Girl Baskets
The flower girl is a delight at a wedding. She has her little dress, fancy shoes and carries a basket of flowers just like the adults. The basket will be featured in wedding photos, on the walk down the aisle and treasured by the little girl. A simple... More »
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You can decorate a wedding basket using a variety or methods. You can place ribbon or tulle on the basket. You can also use sequins, glitter glue and silk flowers ...
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