How to Make Flower Girl Baskets?


Homemade flower girl baskets are so easy to make and a great way to match the wedding theme and colors. Any small basket will work. You can add tulle, flowers, satin, and ribbons to the basket to have a nice addition to the overall look of the wedding. For more information see here: Sweet and Simple Flower Girl Basket And Accessory Ideas;
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1. Choose small baskets because they are more appropriate for little people. Take the foam core and place the basket on top. Trace around the bottom edges. With the box cutter, cut
Crochet flowers are an excellent way to dress up an afghan, a sweater, a pair of booties or a hat and scarf set. When making crochet flowers, you can use two colors, one for the center
1. Measure the horizontal bar on the front of the walker. 2. Purchase a rectangular woven basket. Choose a basket that is at least two inches shorter than the bar. Look for a basket
1. Soak the wood splints in water overnight to make them as flexible as possible. 2. Place 15 of the 4-foot-by-3-inch. wood splint strips atop one another in a stack. Turn each one
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Make Flower Girl Baskets
The flower girl is a delight at a wedding. She has her little dress, fancy shoes and carries a basket of flowers just like the adults. The basket will be featured in wedding photos, on the walk down the aisle and treasured by the little girl. A simple... More »
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