How to Make Flower Wedding Cake Toppers?


Let your wedding cake go to the birds. Buy a pair of artificial feather-covered birds at a crafts store and create tiny wedding outfits for their similar to those you and your partner plan to wear on your special day. Use netting, bits of heirloom lace and antique buttons to dress your birds to the nines. Secure them in the top layer of your wedding cake with small, stiff wires or pipe cleaners. The link provided will be able to guide you all through.
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1. Soak the cake topper container in a small dish of water for 20 minutes to saturate the foam. The foam will turn a darker green color as it takes in the water. Set the container
First, check in at a Craft Supply store. They have a lot of resources and should be able to find what you want. Floral Shops are an excellent source of wedding supplies.
To remember that day better. Usually it's just a little momento of "The Big Day"
1 Determine the general type of ornamental topper you want. Many couples select a traditional topper with a formal looking bride and groom. Others choose a more comical and light-hearted
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Vintage wedding cake toppers are ideal because they are made from artificial flowers and each topper is unique and custom-made. For more information on the toppers ...
1. Select the flowers for your bouquet. Arrange them in your hand as you like. Play with them until you are satisfied. Wrap the stems with floral tape. Cut the ...
Unique Wedding Cake Toppers are a new way of gaining a more unique experience within your wedding for not only yourself but your guests as well. There are so many ...
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