How to make fluorescent ink?


To create a good homemade fluorescent ink, you will need rubbing alcohol, and powered fluorescent mica (available at any art supply store). Mix one part mica to two parts water to create a thin consistency. You can then use a pipette to draw the ink into an ink jar to fill an empty pen.
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How to Make Fluorescent Ink
Homemade inks provide you with media with which to complete a variety of tasks. Whether you're making homemade stationary sets, or you want to use the ink to embellish your crafts, fluorescent inks provide shimmery, glowing effects to the final results.... More »
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In order to make fluorescent ink you will need a glass bowl, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel, sharp knife, mica pigment such as Pearl EX and a fluorescent glow stick.
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1. Carefully cut the end from the glow stick. Make sure to do this over a newspaper or other protected surface so as not to damage your table or counter top. Make sure to use the
It is a special tattoo ink that can only be seen under a black light! Only used
It is made using functionalized fluorescent nanocrystalsPrior art fluorescent inks are known in the art to include: a fluorescent colorant, a solvent, and a binder resin; an organic
they r made of material that has electrons that absorb uv radiations ( photons of high frequency ) and get excited but when they again reach ground state they do it in more than one
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The chemical composition of ink may be made up of resins, solvents, lubricants, surfactants, fluorescers, solubilizers, particulate matter, dyes, pigments and ...
A highlighter is made up of transparent fluorescent ink that is put in a felt-tip pen. The ink contains an acid buffer, colourant and a liquid vehicle. The amount ...
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