How to Make Fog Juice?


To make fogged juice, you will need distilled water which you will mix with glycerine. After that set up the fog machine that will be used for heating.
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1. go to the store and buy glycerin. You will find it in the pharmacy. Buy the liquid and not the pill. 2. measure how much is in the bottle and mix a 20: 80 ratio with water. 3.
1. Put the glycerine amount that you plan on using in a clean gallon bottle or sealable container. This makes mixing easier. It also makes determining the percentage much easier,
In addition to a treasure trove of Halloween decorations, pumpkins, and tasty treats, Halloween homemade fog is a very cool way to go the extra mile. There are several ways to do
The glycol fogger is probably the best and most fog for your buck. Just plug it in and
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Fog juice can be expensive to buy. You can easily make your own fog juice to save yourself money. To do so you will need glycerine, demineralized water and a sealable gallon container. You can find more information at
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