How to Make Football Squares?


To make football squares for a football pool, you just need to make a 10 x 10 grid of squares. Find friends and family to insert their names into as many squares that they want. Using a deck of cards, assign random numbers to the squares. Put 1 - 10 at the top, and 1 - 10 down the side of the grid. Pick one team for the horizontal side, and one team for the vertical side. Whatever the ending score is per quarter will determine who wins each quarter. Please make note that this is just for fun, and that gambling is illegal.
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1. Use the ruler and dry-erase marker to make a square in the center of a large whiteboard, or dry-erase board. Make the square at least 2 feet by 2 feet to create plenty of room
A granny square is a form of crocheting that is worked in rounds not in the typical rows. The granny squares are used in many different pieces but blankets are your most well know
1. Measure and cut two pieces of embroidery floss, one that is 2 feet long and the other 7 feet long. The smaller piece is called the filler strand, and the other piece is the knotting
1. Fold a corner of the sheet down to touch the opposite long side of the sheet if you are not using a square piece of paper. The sheet will be shaped like a triangle set atop a rectangle
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