How to Make Football Squares?


To make football squares for a football pool, you just need to make a 10 x 10 grid of squares. Find friends and family to insert their names into as many squares that they want. Using a deck of cards, assign random numbers to the squares. Put 1 - 10 at the top, and 1 - 10 down the side of the grid. Pick one team for the horizontal side, and one team for the vertical side. Whatever the ending score is per quarter will determine who wins each quarter. Please make note that this is just for fun, and that gambling is illegal.
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1. Get a sheet of paper and draw a large square on the paper. You can do it on poster board or a large sheet of paper to make it easier to write in the squares. 2. Write the numbers
It's a 10 by 10 grid game for sport betting. Players select squares on the grid and random numbers are drawn and placed vertically and horizontal along the grid. Winners are determined
An American football field, including end zones, is 360 feet long and
Just make a 10 x 10 grid. Get people to fill in their names. When all the squares are filled, randomly assign numbers 1-10 for each column and row ( a deck of cards works well for
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