How to Make Fused Jumper Wire?


To make a fused jumper wire all you need to do is purchase a in line fuse holder. Then you can wire in the fuse holder with a 5amp fuse. You can find more information at
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1. Select the proper gauge and inside diameter rings for your project. Fine silver is softer than alloyed silver, so larger gauges are often required. Saw-cut fine silver rings are
1. Secure the 20-gauge wire by twisting it around the end of the mandrel. Some wire coiling kits come with a vice as well to secure the mandrel. 2. Coil the wire around the stem of
1. Cut two telephone wires into 6-foot lengths. Wire cutters work well for this application. Twist the two wires together so they form a double strand. 2. Twist the ends of the telephone
1. Cut two pieces of 14-gauge wire to about 3 inches long. 2. Place the tip of a pair of round-nosed pliers at the very end of one piece of wire, and curl it around, forming a circle
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