How to Make Garland?


You can make some old fashioned garland by popping some popcorn and stringing it on a thread. Tie a knot on each end to keep the popcorn from falling off.
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Judy Garland or like many of us remember her Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was born in Grand Rapids Minnesota on June 10th 1922.She is the mother of another talented actress Liza
When you make homemade Christmas garland, you not only make your Christmas a little less commercialized, you also help save the planet in a variety of little ways. Use items you already
1. Save the long cardboard tubes from your rolls of wrapping paper. Find a box with a lid long enough to accommodate the length of these tubes. 2. Take each piece of garland off the
a garland is a christmas tree decoration. i'm pretty sure it's the silver and gold stringy stuff you put on the christmas tree. :)
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Make a garland by stacking pine boughs end to end and tying them together as you go. You can use fishing line or very thin twine to do this. Once you have your ...
A simple garland to make is out of red and green colored construction paper. Cut 1' x 3' strips of the colored paper. Take the first strip and glue the ends ...
You can make a homemade Christmas garland by stringing popcorn together. You can also make a garland out of macaroni or cheerios, making it a fun project for kids ...
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