How to Make Ghb?


In order to make your own ghb at your home you would need a chemistry set, ph papers, a sauce pan, gamma butyrolactone and sodium hydroxide.
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Gamma Hydrobutyric it is a depressant & it slows down your nervous. system.
1. Notice any unusual sensations of relaxation. Modest amounts of GHB can reduce feelings of anxiety and lower inhibitions. These early feelings can be similar to alcohol intoxication
Gammahydroxybutyric acid. See 4-hydroxybutanoic acid.
GHB- Gamma hydroxy butyrate. Also know as the date rape drug; used for relaxation and intoxication.
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GHB is taken into the body orally. After that, it is absorbed into the blood stream and travels to the brain to interact with the chemicals in the brain and acts ...
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