How to Make Good Jello Shots That You Don't Even Taste the Alcohol?


You could just not add a lot of alcohol to the shot, instead of using as much as the recipe calls for, add either more Jello, or less alcohol. Or you could use a flavored alcohol. I used Barnette's Pink Lemonade Vodka for the first time I made Jello Shots. Using the Pink Lemonade vodka made it to where you couldn't taste the vodka, but the full amount of alcohol was in there.
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Try the Pucker shots! They have different flavors
First of all don't use too much alcohol, that is usually the first mistake. I would follow this recipe and adjust the alcohol to taste 6 ounce box jello 2 cups hot water 3/4 cup alcohol
Jello shots. Theyre sweet but get you drunk! The best one ive tasted are blue raspberry jello shots. You should give it a try some time
I like hot toddies. Heat apple juice or cider, and add some spice-like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice- and a couple shots of brandy or vodka. Great for a cold winter night.
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