How to Make Greek Boys Chiton?


Greek chitons were worn by men and women. For boys, the process of making is pretty easy. You will require some fabric, a tape measure, scissors, a sewing needle, some sewing thread, some safety pins and a rope. For instructions on how to make a Greek Chitons for boys, visit:
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1. Cut a rectangle of fabric twice as wide as the wearer's shoulders and as long as the wearer is tall. 2. Lay the fabric right side up on a large surface and fold it in half by bringing
ΧΙΤΩΝ [chiton] = coat, tunic, mantle. There is another word, sounding like "mantle" ΜΑΝΤΗΛΙ standing for: scarf -or….…. Hope This Helps. Mouse.
The Roman toga or tunic was the dress off soldiers and workmen. Dignitaries wore a tunica under their toga. The Greek chiton is worn by both men AND women.
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A Chiton was a type of clothing that was worn by women and men in Ancient Greece. It is sewed clothing that is draped over the shoulders. The men wore a shorter ...
Chiton. ...
When making an ancient Greek chiton, one should obtain a material whose length is equal to ones height, sew it along the side seam and join the top edge at intervals ...
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